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Educational tablets: 10-inch Intel tablet and rugged Eddy 7-incher launched

Intel shows interests in the educational tablet  segment. The company this week has shown a 10 inch tablet aimed at children. The tablet announced last year promises to help students develop 21st century skills through exploration, interpretation and collaboration.
At the same time the Metis Learning Soutions have launched the Eddy tablet for children in the age group 2-10 years. This tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet that puts itself forward as a child’s first steps into the digital world of the 21st century.
Intel Education Tablet 
This tablet  is powered by the 1.2 GHz Atom Z2520 processor  and has 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM. There is 16 GB or 32 GB of internal memory in the tablet and the tablet runs the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. In order to make it more appropriate it has kid-friendly features such as rubber bumpers on the sides making it easier for small hands to hold, a power button that resists accidental pushes and a stylus with a realistic pen-like grip. 
Intel claims the tablet will offer an average of 12 hours of battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity and optional 3G.
Alongside this tablet Intel also launched the Celeron processor N2806 based classmate PC. This tablet runs Windows 8.1. 
The company says it is planning to launch a Windows 7 and a Linux based on Celeron processor N2805 tablet later this year. This touch screen-optional device features a rotatable camera to promote content creation. This tablet is expected to be available this month in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and later this spring in the Asia-Pacific region.
The new Intel Education Tablet and classmate PC are designed with features such as a snap-on magnification tool and a temperature sensor probe that plugs into the device's audio jack. These features allow students to view microscopic and macroscopic images and measure and analyze environmental data, bringing science to life and giving students the freedom to explore scientific concepts anywhere, not just in the science lab.
Eddy kids tablet
Eddy is a 7-inch tablet introduced in the market as a tablet for kids. This tablet is being pegged as the first gadget  a child should have and echoes a similar design with a thick drop safe bumper to minimize the possibility of the tablet being damaged. It also has an easy-to-hold handle suited to a child’s grip, making it easy to carry.
The best part of the tablet is that parent will be able to know what the child is learning and will also be able to control it. They can set daily and weekly time limits, as well as permissible hours of usage, to enforce disciplined usage of the tablet and ontrol on the amount of time kids use on the tablet.
Parents can monitor their child's activities on Eddy through detailed reports by app, subject and day. Eddy allows parents to create 3 child profiles with different settings, to ensure that each child has a personalized learning experience. 
For those who think glaring too much on the tablet screen might damage your kids eyes, the tablet has been reviewed and approved by ophthalmologists for use for kids over the age of 2 and recommend playtime of up to two hours a day for small children. This tablet is available here at a price of Rs 9999.


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