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(In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan

  • (In)famous five: India
    New Delhi: Architect of the dastardly Mumbai attack of 26/11 and Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed has, once again, spewed venom for India. Addressing a public meeting after Friday prayers on the occasion of Eid in Karachi, one of India’s most wanted man cajoled the crowds to spread ‘jihad’ to New Delhi, and claimed to continue his hate speeches until Kashmir attains ‘freedom.’
    Saeed also called for an encore of year 2000 (referring to the attack on India’s parliament), and went on to lambast America for its ‘insensitivity’ towards Pakistan. He further claimed to celebrate Eid with an independent Kashmir, Philistine and Burma soon.
    Saeed is not alone. A dangerous machinery of state and non-state actors across the border has been working to inflict maximum damage on India. We bring to you the top five Pakistanis India needs to guard against.
  • (In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan
    Nawaz Sharif
    The Pakistani Prime Minister is serving a record third term in office; his previous two terms thwarted by military coups. While the 62-year old’s true intentions pertaining to India have always remained ambiguous, the man was at helm of affairs when the Kargil conflict transpired.
    His susceptibility to Pak’s military masters makes him all the more dangerous for India. 
  • (In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan
    Hafiz Saeed
    Jamaat –ud-Dawa’s chief and Lashkar- e- Taiba’s supreme commander Hafiz Saeed has a history of spreading venom against India.
    With a US bounty of USD 10 million riding on him, Saeed operates from mainland Pakistan, where he plots attacks on Indian army positioned in Kashmir. 
  • (In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan
    Syed Salahuddin
    Commander of Pakistan-based United Jihad Council and Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin is capable of attacking anywhere in India at will, thanks to his strong terror network. Though he has often claimed that he doesn’t endorse terrorism, his group is always at war with the Indian army.
    It’s also believed that he affects Pak’s India policies.
  • (In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan
    Lieutenant-General Zaheer ul-Islam 
    Lieutenant-General Zaheer ul-Islam is the present Director General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). A former incharge of Karachi-based Victoria Corps, also known as V Corps, he had helped General Musharraf overthrow Nawaz Sharif in a military coup in 1999.
  • (In)famous five: India's biggest threats from Pakistan
    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
    Pakistan’s chief of army and arguably the strongest man on the other side of LoC, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is another key figure India needs to guard against. Many believe he influences Pak’s India policies. Many further believe he actually formulates them.
    Currently serving on extension, General Kayani is scheduled to demit office this November.