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The ‘lion of Hyderabad’ kills man-eater leopard in Himachal Pradesh

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Aug 12, 2013, 06:16AM IST

Shimla: A man-eating leopard was shot dead in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district. According to report, the animal was terrorising people of Thunag hamlet. Licensed hunter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan performed the extremely perilous task. 
The famed Hyderabadi hunter was especially called in for his services by the government to eliminate the animal that had become a huge terror among the natives. The professional forgo his Eid celebration and set out to do the dreaded task.   
Radha Devi, 25, was attacked by the animal as she made her way home on July 18. It devoured her completely, leaving behind only her head and hands. On July 26, the leopard dragged Mani Devi, 52, away from her home even as her husband and son rushed out to find her bleeding grievously. Two days later, 30-year-old Kashmiri Singh’s body was found half-eaten in the jungle, The Hindu reported.
After reaching Thunag from Ooty, where he was enjoying holidays, he surveyed the area and went into the forest. The man eater attacked the hunter, however, he killed with a shot in its throat with his mighty 458 Magnum rifle.
Photo Courtesy: The Hindu 
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