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Never KISS a shark, even if it is ‘harmless’!

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Here’s an advice! Never KISS a shark, ‘for fun’, even it is said to be ‘harmless’. In a shocking incident, diving guide Dave Marcel was bitten by a nurse shark while he tried to kiss the shark. He suffered massive cuts on the lips and had to take 387 stitches.

Marcel had had been taking tourists out on Elbow Reef off Key Largo, Florida for years - allowing them to interact with the wildlife including the 300-pound nurse shark.

The nurse sharks, which are not usually aggressive, love being petted. Marcel would prove their harmlessness by kissing the sharks in front of the tourists and then allow them to do the same until the day one of the sharks bit back.

The shark bite was caught on camera and aired on Discovery Channel as a part of this year's 'Shark Week.'

Marcel's key mistake that day was he flipping flipped the shark upside down before planting a smooch. Marcel didn't realize that since the shark's eyes are on top of its head, it wouldn't see him and would assume he was being fed fish.

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