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Delhi: Sex hub for call girls, demand exceeds supply

Bhaskar News | Aug 11, 2013, 11:16AM IST
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New Delhi: Demand for sex is on the rise in the national capital. Many criminals are operating sex rackets in various parts of Delhi and no one seems to be willing to put a lid on this. Be it print or web, you can find regular advertisements by pimps offering massage and escorts services, anywhere and anytime.
Sometimes we get to read news where police manage to arrest some culprits, but this is nothing more than a lip service to the cause. This trade is on the rise, and no one dares to catch hold of the big fish. Even the foreign sex workers are hired, who make small trips to Delhi and go back only to return after some time. If you think that poor girls are forced to get into this ugly trade, than you are wrong. Girl of well to do families get into this—some for fun and some for a lucrative career option.
You must have heard about Baba Bhimanand who ran a high profile sex racket, largely operated from Delhi. His partner Sonu Punjaban has revealed ugly truth of this sex trade, and whenever she speaks, police officers find it hard to hide their face.
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