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Are you surprised? Samajwadi Party posters wish ‘Republic Day’ on 15th August!

Bhaskar News   |  Aug 12, 2013, 10:19AM IST

Kanpur: Independence Day is just days ahead. On the most important day of country’s history, political leaders, local or important, put up hoardings to please their masters and get some publicity. Similar antics were embraced by some of the Samajwadi Party leaders. However, they became laughing stalks as instead of wishing Independence Day, they wished Republic Day. 
This goof up was pulled off in Kanpur by SP leaders. They didn’t see the boards or they do not know it, this has become embarrassing for the leadership in the city. 
 BJP leader Surendra Maithani said that SP leaders can go to any level to win over their central leadership. They do not care about party’s image. 
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