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Lucknow: Four girls sexually exploit hostel inmate for days, woman staff supply liquor to girls

Bhaskar News | Aug 08, 2013, 15:45PM IST
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Lucknow: This has crossed all limits of exploitation. A girl from Patna took admission in Lucknow University and enrolled for an MBA programme. But her shocking revelations have cast suspicion on the working of management staff of Lucknow University. Victim girl has alleged that four girls sexually exploited her and crossed all limits, making her depressed and sick. This continued unchecked for days.  All the four girls belong to rich and affluent families. They threatened her of dire consequences if she dared to discuss it with others. 
Accused girls never left her alone. They used to escort her to college. After the classes they used to come back with her, never allowing her to interact with others. 
But, when she could not take this torture any further, she informed the hostel warden Amita Kanaujia. After that she gave her written complaint to the Procter.  


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