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Three beaten to death for practicing witchcraft in Bihar

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Jul 06, 2012, 21:54PM IST

Gaya: In an age when scientists have almost accurately discovered the God Particle that gave mass to all other particles, people are being beaten to death for practicing witchcraft.

The residents of Karasan village have beaten up two people to death on Thursday for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

According to reports in Hindutantimes.com, the daughter of Kuleshwar Manjhi began behaving in an absurd way, Manjhi claimed that Permeshwar Manjhi and Sultan Manjhi had used black magic against his daughter.

After the allegations, Kuleshwar began beating up Permeshwar and Sultan and soon the neighbours joined in. Instead of trying to pacify the warring parties, the neighbours decided to be a part of the onslaught and killed the duo.

Kuleshwar and his daughter are absconding after the incident. Police have registered a case and are investigating the matter. Officials said the mater was very serious and all the guilty will be punished. 

In a similar incident just two days ago, a man was beaten to death in Salayyia village in Gaya.

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