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Three fresh luxury models by Jaguar at LA Motor Show!


The super elite automobile brand ‘Jaguar’ has caught many eyeballs lately with the launch of its three new electrifying luxury models at the 2012 Los Angeles International Automobile Show.

The most dominant global debut was marked by Jaguar’s XFR-S, both fast and a swift sports saloon built by the brand. The car is the subsequent model in the supreme high performance R-S series that integrates engineering features from the XKR-S and the fresh F-TYPE two-seater sports car.

The F-TYPE- Jaguar’s latest two-seater sports car made its first ever appearance, with plenty of special order fires and paintwork that also gives individuals optional design. A V6 S model, clearly exhibits personalization options.

An all new Land Rover Range Rover of 2013 has also been unveiled at the Motor Show as the world’s first SUV with a lightweight all-aluminum body. This new piece displays noteworthy improvements in not just performance but also dexterity, further reducing CO2 emissions.

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