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Amorous pair had sex on restaurant table as horrified families watched


Washington: A couple started having sex on a restaurant table at a Florida eaterie leaving visitors shell-shocked.

The amorous pair were ordered to stop by the furious boss at the Florida eaterie. But outrageous Jeremie Calo claimed his date could not stop as 'she can't get up at this time', The Mail Online reported.

The incident came to light in a police report that claimed the 32-year-old and his partner were 'having sex on a table in view of minor children'.

That was outside on the patio of Irish themed Paddy Murphy's in Baldwin Park, Orlando.

On their website, the business reveals it has 'live entertainment' every other weekend and it  encourages visitors to 'enjoy your visit'. This was not what they had in mind.

Manager Tom Murphy insisted he tried to put a stop to the couple's fun the moment he realised what was going on, The Mail Online stated.

According to police, he told the couple: "Compose yourself, pay your tab or I'll call the police." That was when Calo claimed his friend could not 'get up.'

Passers-by told America's Local 6 news they were appalled parents and children had to endure the scenes.

Police were called to the scene where Calo was arrested for fighting with the manager and for refusing to pay his $101 bill - about £62.50. The couple avoided arrest for the sex allegations because none of the parents wanted to make statements, The Mail Online added.

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