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China: Man sentenced to life for keeping 6 women as 'sex slaves'


Beijing: A 35-year-old Chinese man, who held six women in the basement of his house for a period of 21 months, used them as sex slaves and prostitutes, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Chinese court.

Li Hao, from Henan, kept the six women in his dimly lit cellar and provoked the women to kill two of them.

The man used the girls as prostitutes, forced them to have sex with other men, in return he accepted the money from them. He also made them film pornographic movies of themselves.

Hao has been charged with murder, rape, organised prostitution and illegal detention.

The court has sentenced three women a 'lenient' punishment for their role in the death of two women. One woman was send to three years in prison, while, the two others were put on probation, reported DailyMail.

The crime was exposed when one of the six women managed to escape as she was being taken to work as a prostitute.

The 23-year-old girl informed the police who immediately stormed Hao's secret hideout inside his residence.

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