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Man carries 3.5" nail in head for a day before realizing!


In a bizarre incident, a man accidentally shot a 3.5inch nail into his head and did not even realise it until next day.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, Dante Autullo was doing some handiwork and brushed the gun past his head which caused the sensor to release a nail.

The report stated that he asked his finacee to see but she saw only a small gash. She had no idea that a nail had entered his skull while she was cleaning his wound.

Autullo did not notice anything wrong until he woke up the next day and felt nauseous, the report said. 

They had the shock of their life when they saw the x-ray report showing a nail inside his head.

The nail had just narrowly missed the portion of the brain that controls motor function, so he was able to carry with his normal activity immediately after sustaining the injury.

The doctors at the Christ Medical Center successfully removed the nail after the four hour operation and replaced part of his skull with a titanium and mesh plate.

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