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Revealed: Why Ancient Egyptians preferred to have sex in summers?

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Cairo: Ancient Egypt considered July and August as the best time to have sex, according to a latest study. As a reason more children were born in the month of March and April. There was a 20 per cent rise in the number of children born in these two months in comparison to rest of the year.
Researchers consider the flood in River Nile as the reason behind the death of women at the time of delivery.
The fact came to light after the excavation of over 700 graves. The excavations revealed that every grave has a clue of the month of the death of the person. Thousands of graves were pointing towards the rising sun.
The facts are strange as other ancient Mediterranean nations did not considered summers as an ideal time for sex as the sperm count is lowest in this time.
People of ancient Egypt believed that a flood in Nile River will bring prosperity to their region.


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