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School advises girl for breast reduction surgery after sexual assaults


New Delhi: We all have been shocked by senseless comments and remarks passed by our Indian leaders. They have blamed everything, from chowmeins to the length of the girl's skirt, for attracting sexual assault on her, but the accused.

The phenomenon is not restricted to India and its people only.

Recently, a young girl from Missouri was instructed by her school administration to opt for breast reduction surgery in order to stop the classmates from bullying her.

The shocking incident happened in Moline Acres in the suburbs of St Louis. The mother reveals that the young girl, named Gabrielle, was sexually abused by fellow classmates because of the large size of her breasts.

The mother complained to the school, but the Riverview Gardens School's advice shocked the mother.

The school opined that it is the size of the girl's breast that is causing the problem. And even shifting her to new school will not stop the bullying.

In turn, she advised that the young girl should undergo surgery.

(PHOTO: Demonstrator holds placards during a protest in New Delhi. Reuters)

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