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Is love deaf in Liz-Shane’s case? Maybe!


Liz Hurley and Shane Warne have shown no qualms in revealing the pet names they have given each other - Luna and the Big Blond. Wondering why Liz is called Luna, right? Don’t tax your brains because the cricketer has a rationale for it. Shane confessed that he chose the name Luna because of the size of her mouth. Shane said, “I usually call her Luna as there was a terrible paparazzi picture of her once looming in to kiss me — which reminded me of the massive mouth at the entrance of Luna Park, the Australian theme park.” If you still haven’t got it, let’s explain you. Luna Park has a 15ft-wide mouth as its entrance.

Doesn’t this sound a bit demeaning? May be not for Liz! For everything is fair in love and war. Shane also admitted that Liz has given him “dozens” of nicknames. He said, “Elizabeth calls me a lot more than just the Big Blond — she has dozens of names for me, all of them too embarrassing to share.” Shane, who was in news for a hair transplant, never accepted that he opted for a facelift.
Having got engaged in October last year, the couple will tie the knot next year with celebrations in Australia and the UK.

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