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SRK needs an image makeover?


Shah Rukh Khan has been rated as one of the biggest superstars Bollywood has ever seen. But after a few recent brawls, rumored link-up with Priyanka Chopra and below expected performance of his movies; brand SRK has suffered in recent times.

According to Firstpost, SRK is on a look out for a new publicist to handle his PR affairs and image building activities. This move has come just after his numerous recent controversies and it could possibly be a step in the image makeover of brand SRK.              

But the question here is- why does King Khan who is known for his publicist skills needs a change? He has visibly handled all his controversy on his own and has successfully retained the brand value of his name. So, is he losing trust on his personal PR skills? Or it is just a managerial move?

Firstpost has also reported that his present PR firm, Hype, continues to handle his media affairs.

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