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In Patiala, the 'royal' Rolls Royce was once turned into garbage bin

Bhaskar News   |  Feb 28, 2013, 04:57AM IST
Chandigarh: World’s most famous car brand Rolls-Royce was once turned into garbage bin in Punjab's Patiala. According to a legend, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh felt slighted at the British company’s refusal to accept an order from him for a new Rolls Royce car. 
Reacting to the refusal, the old Maharaja put some of his old Rolls Royce cars to haul garbage dung and filth in Patiala city to the chagrin of the all-powerful Rolls Royce-loving Viceroy and the British ruling establishment who quickly prevailed upon the Rolls Royce Company to comply with the old Maharaja’s wishes. 
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