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Delhi’s booming sex industry: Female bouncers selling ‘dirty’ toys in discs and pubs for R 10,000

Dailybhaskar.com | Oct 14, 2013, 08:59AM IST
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New Delhi: The Delhi Police, for the first time clamped down on the sale of sex toys by raiding a shop in Palika Bazaar and arrested a shopkeeper on grounds of importing and illegally sex toys.


The raid that was carried out, by a team of police officials led by Mukesh Walia, on Tuesday seized 14 such toys from the shop. The owner of the shop, Gurbeer Singh, was arrested and would be charged under Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code.


The police had been tipped about the procurement and sale of these toys in Shop No. 32 in Palika Bazaar. The police had received specific information about illegal items being sold in the market of Palika Bazaar and other such grey markets. 


The house of Gurbeer Singh in Tilak Nagar was raided by the police but the police could not find anything in the house. The police are trying to determine the source from where the accused had procured these articles.


Police investigations revealed that these products are allegedly imported from China and distributed by concerned sub-distributors. Though prohibited under the law, sex toys are openly available in the sex market.


Police officials uncovered that China manufactures 70% of the world’s sex toys and the traders operating in the estimated Rs 100 crore market in India purchase these and other illegal toys and porn objects from China.


A police officer, who was part of the investigating raid informed that one can easily find such toys in Delhi’s Palika Bazaar or the Crawford Market in Mumbai.




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