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‘Corporate Culture’ becomes an intricate part of Delhi’s thriving sex industry

Bhaskar News | Nov 05, 2013, 05:59AM IST
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New Delhi: Prostitution being the oldest profession in the world; no wonder the ugly face of the sex industry is slowly and steadily raising its head in the national capital.


Though the sex industry is perhaps the most controversial industry, people do resort to it, some to make a living, whereas some others to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Not everyone comes to this county by his or her own will; there are lots who are pushed into it. Child trafficking being one of the biggest menaces that haunts this country wherein children are stolen or sold and pushed into a profession like this.


The control of this industry usually lies with one person alone. Initially the control of this business lied with Sonu Punjaban which gradually passed on to Baba Bhimanand. But with both of them behind the bars, the reins of this thriving trade have passed on to a woman called Sonu Bangalan.


With the human body being looked upon as a mere commodity that can be bought the concept of sex culture is also being identified as an intricate part of ‘corporate culture.’ Money and lust not being the sole reasons for the daily torture the sex workers go through every day, there is also a constant fear of sexually transmitted diseases that haunts these trapped workers every day.


Investigations reveal that when the Delhi Police had arrested Sonu Punjaban, the sex industry in Delhi was worth around Rs 1000 crores. Investigations also disclosed that the racket run in Delhi is also a small part of the flourishing sex industry in the country.


And most importantly, international events mean big business for the sex industry. It is not only the girls from our country who are in demand but alluring bodies from outside are supplied to the hotel rooms. These foreign prostitutes usually work under the payroll of some Indian pimp. 

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