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CBSE Board Exam 2013: Solved sample question papers of English Elective by CBSE


To be able to score good marks in English, most important is your presentation skills. The board examiner doesn't know you personally and doesn't know what to anticipate from an answer sheet. The way you present your work plays a major role in determining the impact you make on the examiner.

Good handwriting and neatly written answers easily impress people because their lives become much easier.

Also pay a lot of attention in preparation and practice. This is because no matter how well you garnish a dish, it wouldn't impress anyone if it didn't taste good.

By now you must have done your calculations as to how you will prepare for this subject. And most you must have even finished studying for it and now must be revising.

February is the ideal time to start solving sample questions papers to master every subject and gain perfection in time management as well.

Below is the sample question paper of English Elective set by CBSE. There are three sample papers along with the answers at the end of each of them.

Try to solve at least one question paper daily to master the subject of English Elective.

Click on the link for English Elective sample papers by CBSE — http://cbseacademic.in/web_material/Circulars/2012/47_ClassXII/C_English_Elective_XII.pdf

NOTE: Get English Functional sample question papers by CBSE tomorrow morning. 

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