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St. Stephen's modifies DU’s FYUP foundation courses


Delhi University (DU) colleges are finding it difficult to deal with the ‘substandard’ syllabi of the new foundation courses released by the university recently. 

In order to enhance the quality of education, a few colleges have decided to structure their own foundation course modules under the new four-year undergraduate programme. Leading the way in this is St. Stephen's College. 

After going through the material prescribed by the university, the college has decided to structure foundation course modules, which will augment the prescribed material by the university. 

For instance, the Language Literature and Creativity II paper. Professors of the college say the study material is so basic that they will exhaust it in a month's time.

The professors have added advanced readings to this paper, which expands on the concepts and topics prescribed by the university.


At Lady Shri Ram College too, the principal has conducted an internal orientation of the teachers so that the college can make better use of the foundation courses.

At Sri Venkateswara College, too, professors plan to standardise the course and its teaching. Professors say the prescribed syllabi are open-ended and it would lead to a lot of differential methods of teaching.

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