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Check out this innovative resume which went viral


Tired of the regular resumes that follow a standard structure? Make your resume look cool by giving it a product website look just the way this guy did it.

Meet Philippe Dubost who turned his resume into an amazing Amazon product page.

While a typical resume has a plain white background, objective, contact information, experience, etc, Dubost’s online resume, which is also his personal website, presents him as a product available to buy.

For many careers the resume is now just a formality, while for some businesses, it’s still the only proper way to communicate your interest. Either way, the default resume has been done to death, and that’s why wild experiments in this space catch our attention.

He ships for free and comes with free breathable packaging, but there is only one Dubost left in stock. Employers better be ordering him soon!

Check out his resume and create your own resume on http://www.phildub.com/

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