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From nudity to kiss: Most scandalous intimate moments of Armaan & Tanisha inside Bigg Boss 7 house

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As rumour has it, recently Armaan and Tanisha were reportedly caught in an intimate position with no clothes on. The couple is said to have defied the 84 cameras in the house as they got intimate. The shocking incident caused a major flutter among the Bigg Boss crew and also delayed Kushal Tandon's re-entry into the house.


But this was not the first time they were caught getting intimate inside the house. Even Kamya caught them red handed getting intimate inside the smoking room.  At that point Tanisha had waved off the incident despite Kamya's warning. Surprisingly Armaan has made a bed for himself on the floor next to Tanisha's bed even though there are empty beds available in the house. The live feed too has shown the duo getting intimate on several occasions.

It was just some weeks back that host Salman Khan reminded the couple of the 84 odd cameras installed in the house. However, the couple is seen throwing caution to the wind as they cuddle up in the privacy of the very public house, Bigg Boss.

Here is a look at their extremely cosy moments together.
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