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LEAKED VIDEO: Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee discuss sex in Bigg Boss 7

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Ajay Devgn is tensed about closeness between Armaan and Tanisha.  From threatening the producers to requesting host Salman Khan, Ajay has tried his level best to get Tanisha out of the show. Now a leaked video has added to the tension of Ajay Devgn. The couple has been seen discussing about sex in the video.


In the video, Tanisha is seen telling Armaan that he doesn’t have control over himself, to which Armaan replied, “There are quick remedies.” Tanisha continues the conversation and adds, “His hand is broken, and it would be difficult for him to try such remedies.” Armaan tried to take the conversation forward and said, "hand has nothing to do with that."


Later she realizes that the conversation is turning vulgar, and ended it. Tanisha was one of the balanced contestants on the show for the first two weeks, but later she became the most hated contestant on the show. Her association with Armaan Kohli tarnished her image completely. Even superstar Salman Khan warned Tanisha and Armaan about the 85 cameras on the show.


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