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Watch Ajaz Khan commit mock suicide on Bigg Boss

Dailybhaskar.com | Dec 10, 2013, 17:16PM IST
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The drama in the Bigg Boss house has reached its zenith. 
The 85th day in the Bigg Boss house was an action-loaded episode with nail-biting moments and emotional outbursts. 
While Ajaz’s secret love for Gauhar Khan was revealed by Kamya, the television audience was kept glued to their sofas when Gauhar made fun of his feelings. 
The heartbroken Ajaz surprises all when he bursts into tears in the darkness. 
Apart from the real love and fake love saga in the house, the Bigg Boss’ decision of nominating all the house inmates for eviction makes everyone furious. 
The show becomes all the more gripping with Azaj putting up a mock suicide act, enough to pull the ground from under everyone’s feet. 
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