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In pics: 'Indian girl' Aiysha Saagar goes nude at Oz beach


In India, a nation with 1.2 billion people, it’s easier to be absorbed and seem invisible than to emerge and stand out. But, pop sensation, performer/dancer Aiysha Saagar is not ready to be invisible.  Everything about her - her beauty, style, ambition and an obvious sense of self – commands attention.
Nowhere is this more evident than in a daring photo-shoot conducted at Surfers Paradise beach, featuring a voluptuous Aiysha- body-painted with a representation of the Australian flag.
One of the most striking images from that session was emblazoned across the front page of the Gold Coast Bulletin in Australia last month after Aiysha was announced as Australia’s Gold Coast Ambassador to India and across the globe.

Aiysha’s position as a leading pop artiste – 'Indian Girl' is her fifth album – seemingly makes her a ready-made and potentially lucrative asset for the Gold Coast.  Even so, that is not to say there is nothing enigmatic or elusive about Aiysha.  Talking to her, it’s clear that just because she is happy to reveal so much doesn’t mean she reveals everything.

“I love the Gold Coast and I’ve always wanted to bring tourism to the city” she says.  “I’ve spent a lot of time on the coast, grown up here in a way but my heritage is also Indian.  I’m proud to be Indian and I am just as proud to be Australian.”

Music is the driving force of her life, from the time she started singing as a 6-year-old, through all her years at school and while she was earning her qualifications as an accountant and financial planner.
Aiysha’s love for music led to her taking the difficult decision of leaving behind a very successful corporate career, only to chase her dream.  She has released music albums in India and Australia and has performed in over 300 concerts around the world. 

To truly stand out in the Indian music scene, one must possess an inner grit and acknowledgement of this raises awareness of what may be Aiysha’s most striking feature.

Not her beauty, not her talent and not her flair for self-promotion, all of which are self-evident, but the combined virtues of her self-awareness and self-control. Aiysha is set to release her new album 'Indian Girl' along with five music videos of which four have been filmed on the Gold Coast in Australia.  This tri-lingual pop album features Hindi, Punjabi and English songs that have been created out of Aiysha’s collaboration with some of India’s most sought after music directors and DJs.  The album is due to be released in August 2012.

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