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Don't Miss: Katrina takes a dig at Salman Khan, twitteratis react!

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Nov 11, 2012, 18:38PM IST

What's wrong with Katrina Kaif? Is she miffed with Salman Khan or is she simply trying to amuse everyone? If it is the latter, Salman Khan's fans aren't too happy.

Katrina Kaif, who was recently in Kolkata to inaugurate the Kolkata International Film Festival, shocked everyone when she said the unexpected.

Katrina, who has made headlines for her oh-so-interesting bond and sizzling chemistry with Salman, had claimed, “Salman is like my big brother".

As expected, the comment, which appears more like a dig at Dabangg Khan, hasn't  amused Salman's fans. 

We get you what people have been tweeting...


Mohammad Aѕhraful ‏@The_Ashraful: Salman Khan (@BeingBandar) Is like My Big Brother : Katrina Kaif :P #SRKIANS

Rony Dutta ‏@RonyDutta: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

TailLess Monkey ‏@taillessmonkey: Katrina: Salman is like my big brother. Salman : Katrina is a big fan of GameOfThrones.

iamsrk SRK Fanclub ‏@srk_FC: Katrina Kaif at KIFF: Salman is like my big brother. ///// LOL! SRK is truly King Of Romance! ;) #fb

Ajay ‏@Aafat_Azzay: Khada Hone Se Pehle Hi KLPD RT @item_boyy: Katrina Kaif in kolkata film festival said "Salman is like my big brother" :O

Chikni Chameli ♥ ‏@ChikniChameli: Haha Lolz ... Media ! What can we do with this media??? ;=P 

₪ Sajid ₪ ‏@SajHossain: "@Zaibi997: Salman Khan is like my big brother says Katrina Kaif." please tell me I didn't read what I just read... WTF

SOS @Diwali Ajay Rox ‏@ajaydevgnfan: Now what you say friends.....Salman Khan is like my big brother, says Katrina Kaif:

SHEIKH JAHAN ZAIB ‏@Zaibi997: Salman Khan is like my big brother says Katrina Kaif.Guyz learn frm her What we call use and throw.

Cinema World ‏@WorldOfCinemas: Salman Khan is like my big brother, says Katrina Kaif.. Can we call this is SRK's love and magic.

Concise Trade ‏@concisetrade: hahahahahahh..check this guys Salman Khan is like my big brother, says Katrina Kaif......... 

Crystal ‏@KatrinasCrystal: Salman Khan is like my big brother: Katrina Kaif at Kolkata today. So it's confirmed SK is just a father/brother figure in her life.


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