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Love, sex and abduction: Rozlyn Khan questioned in Karan Kakkad’s abduction case

Nishant A Bhuse   |  Apr 15, 2012, 01:34AM IST

Model turned actress Rozlyn Khan was quizzed by the Mumbai police for her alleged relations with the abducted aspiring producer Karan Kakkad, who is suspected to be murdered by Vijay Palande and his associate model Simran Sood, one of the main accuseds in the Oshiwara senior citizen Arun Tikku’s murder (he was the father of actor Anuj Tikku). There was a twist in the tale when Vijay Palande and his friend Simran (alias Simi Sood), who have been booked for the murder of Arun Tikku, were also been charged for kidnapping a 28-year-old Amboli resident, Karan Kakkad (alias Prince).

While Palande is already in the police custody, his associate Simran was arrested on Friday for the alleged abduction of Kakkad.

The investigating officials state that Palande may have been using Simran to trap wealthy men and take over their properties.

Simran and Kakkad were neighbours at plush Oberoi Spring Tower and Simran had introduced Palande to him as her brother Karan Sood. Similarly, Palande had also introduced Simran as his sister to Arun Tiku’s son Anuj, who was also trying his luck in the Mumbai film industry.

In her preliminary interrogation, Simran revealed to the cops that Karan was dating Rozlyn Khan and she perhaps knew about the whereabouts of the abducted producer.

Speaking to Dailybhaskar.com, Rozlyn’s advocate Rizwan Siddique said, “My client had professional relations with Karan and to substantiate her say, Rozlyn in her statements to the police has already submitted the SMSes and mobile chats to the investigative officers."

Meanwhile Rozlyn added, “He (Karan) wanted to produce a film and sign me as an actress, but sooner I suspected him to be a fake and a huge show off which is why I opted to disassociate with him."

Kakkad has been missing since March 5, his BMW car too is untraceable. He had shifted to Mumbai from Delhi around a year ago, hoping to produce Bollywood movies. His brother Hanish deals in real estate in Delhi, and has submitted a complaint at Amboli Police Station regarding Kakkad’s disappearance on March 10.