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Pervert KRK demands sex from Huma Qureshi on twitter!

Binita Ramchandani   |  Oct 27, 2012, 18:03PM IST

Looks like King of controversy KRK aka Kamal R Khan is keen to get hooked up and is now passing on some bold statements on twitter to the girl he has admired a lot past few days. He has baffled his followers on twitter by openly demanding sex with Huma Quershi .

Yes ! you got it right ,Kamal Khan has tweeted Huma Qureshi, “I want to ask You one question if you will not feel bad? I want to have sex with you. Hahahaha.”

After this he also tweeted Huma , "I just saw your b@@bs in the photo on FHM cover page. My God you really have sexy one yaar. Keep rocking."

Just before passing these bold statements Kamal Khan tweeted , “Now Watching Gangs of Wasseypur2 for 2nd time n only for Huma Qureshi and dialogue Kahke Loonga.”

After all this , feels like its time for Kamal Khan to get in a relation and be happy. Kamal Khan has been posting unusual tweets and is very regular on twitter .He has been admiring Parineeti and Huma Qureshi , but we are sure this tweet will definitely comes a shocker for Huma!


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