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Sex behind the scenes: leading daily soap jodi caught hooked?

Tina Krishnan   |  Oct 31, 2012, 20:47PM IST

The most popular and loved couple on Indian TV, whose onscreen chemistry is not unknown to the viewers, was caught making out in the green room!

This reel jodi couldn’t avert the most embarrassing moment of their lives. The actors were caught in a compromising situation by one of the members from the production team of a reality show which is aired on a music channel. The eye witness barged into an isolated green room of the Kanjurmarg-based studio only to find the couple making out.

The sprawling studio, owned by a renowned production house, where the daily soap was being shot was also being used another reality show!

The lead actor, who hails from a political family, has always dreamt of a career in the entertainment industry and has been a movie buff since childhood. He started modeling quite early in life. In 2003-04, when he was just about 19, he bagged the runners up position at Grasim Mr. India contest. He has also been part of several ads with big brands! Later, he went to the USA to study in the New York Film Academy. After his return, he started his acting career with a daily show on India’s leading entertainment channel. Lately, the actor had also shaved his hair off to get into the skin of the character.

The actress kicked off her career by being part of a reality show on channel [V]. She had recently essayed the role of the protagonist’s younger sister in a daily soap which derives its name from a goddess. In this leading daily show, she suffers from leukaemia and plays a childlike young adult who causes problems for her older sister to fix. For this role, she also underwent a training session from an audiologist.

Another insider has a different story to reveal. "The present story line is such that the duo is married and gearing up to go on honeymoon. They might have been practicing their intimate scenes."

A source from the sets revealed, “Rumors about the duo being together have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Since they are dating, it is fine if they get intimate in the makeup room because then they are in their personal space, but they ought to practice caution and should have locked the door from inside to avoid embarrassment”.

Speaking to dailybhaskar.com, the perplexed actress abruptly disconnected the phone calling it a fake and bogus story. "This is a bizarre and stupid thing. Don't write anything like this," she added.

But later to our surprise the actress called back and asked us to hold the story.

The actress was apologetic, "Since I was busy in a shot, I was loud, but this is not true. We shoot 12 hours. How will we have the time to do all this? Please don't write all this as it will hamper our image."

The aggressive actor too denied the story. "It’s a bogus story and I can only laugh over it,” he said.

"My room is far away from the set and we never keep our doors closed. I and the other actress are seeing each other, but we wouldn't do something like this. We are professional actors."

The actor also warned dailybhaskar.com saying that if we did the story, he would file a defamation case against us. We have reported the facts, but refrained from naming the identity of these renowned TV stars.


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