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SRK and Sex still sells, says Neha Dhupia

DailyBhaskar.com   |  Oct 23, 2012, 18:03PM IST

The seductress Neha Dhupia is all set for next film Rush with Emraan Hashmi. The actress will be seen playing a media tycoon which will also have some shades of grey. She recently visited the DailyBhaskar.com office and in a candid chat spoke about her statement that she gave years back – SRK and Sex sells. The actress still maintains.

Commenting on the same Neha says, “It was a comment I made years back and I still maintain that. Sex and SRK will keep on selling. But I had also cleared that both need to have a strong story to back it.  SRK films work very well and when I talk about Sex, look at Emraan’s films, they are doing really well too. So, SRK and Sex still sell and always will.”

Well, Neha that is a bold statement and let’s see what SRK has to say about this!

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