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Strictly for Adults: Cops retrieve nude pictures of Gautam Vora and Viveka Babajee

Nishant A. Bhuse   |  Apr 28, 2012, 01:58AM IST

Arrest of celebrity stock broker Gautam Vora in Karan Kakad case has coaxed the Mumbai Police to reopen the case of Super Model Viveka Babajee who was found dead in her Khar based apartment under mysterious circumstances in mid 2010.  

As per sources from the Mumbai police, Viveka Babajee’s email and Facebook accounts have been officially accessed and retrieved and  what has come as a shock for the investigating team is three such pictures in specific which were sent by Gautam Vora through his personal GMail account to the deceased  that are obscene and derogatory by nature.

“The pictures retrieved from Babajee’s email account  are said to be taken from Vora’s camera phone and contain back nudity pictures of the super model clicked in a hotel room also recovered is a self clicked picture of Vora posing with his private parts. The printouts of the said three pictures are now in the possession of the investigating team of Khar police station,” source elaborates.

The cops say that the motive for clicking such obscene pictures is yet uncertain and hence Vora shall be questioned for the same.

“Pervert by intention or Vora had some other ideas like blackmailing or coercing Viveka through the pictures to end their relationship is also one of the line of investigation since the super model was stern to tie a knot but Vora was not serious about the same,” added a source from the Mumbai Police.

"The Police have spoken to Viveka's family members and have taken charge of her email and Facebook accounts. The Babajee family has full trust and faith in the Mumbai Police and is hopeful that truth will prevail," said Dale Bhagwagar, spokesperson for the Viveka Babajee family.

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