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OMG: Would you pay for someone to watch you have sex?

Sounds crazy? Well, that’s the new trend. If you’re dissatisfied, it’s probably best for you to visit a sex coach and let him ‘observe’ the way you have sex and accordingly, teach you how to be better in bed!
According to the British tabloid,  Daily Mail, people are ready to shell out more than 10,000 rupees per hour to sex coaches who provide the couples with a horde of sex toys and issued instructions.
Clients can choose between simple 'talk sessions' which take place over Skype or G-chat or the 'guided sessions' in which the coach observes couples, or single people, pleasuring themselves or each other in a hotel room - giving them real-time tips, advice and encouragement!

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New York-based sex coach, Ms Amaranth says that most of the couples he sees are on close to breaking-up because of a sexually related problem and they usually lack the skills to fix the quality of their sex lives. that's when he comes to the rescue, setting them homework, with new techniques and tasks to try at home.
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