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After Apple, Ericsson wants to ban Samsung products in US


The Apple-Samsung patent is far from over, and the problem for Samsung the patent problems are far from dying down. The Swedish company, Ericsson has approached the United States International Trade Commission (US ITC) seeking an import ban on Samsung products.

The ban will include Samsung’s mobile phones, tablets, televisions and media players that supposedly infringe one or more of the Ericsson’s patents, says the company. According to a news in the ComputerWorld, Ericsson is also arguing that by banning the import of the offending products, public interest will be served because “an adequate supply of substitute devices will be available to at least Ericsson and its current licensees,” and that since Samsung’s products aren’t necessary for health or welfare, there will not be an adverse impact on the public.

The two companies could not reach a licensing agreement renewal as Samsung thought Ericsson was ‘asking for higher royalty rates for the same patents’. Ericsson points that other competitors had already agreed and paid. 

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