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Nokia Lumia 920 shows problems with heavy file transfers


Everything is not very nice for the Windows 8 operating system powered Nokia Lumia 920. This latest phone from Nokia is reporting a problem- related to transferring large files from the phone.

According to a news report in PocketNow, HD recording from the Nokia PureView camera is good.  There is no problem even when recording long events from the camera. The problem comes when one wants to get the heavy file transferred from the phone to a computer. “This sounds like some kind of 32-bit addressing issue, because just over the 4GB mark, things start to get wonky. Attempts to transfer videos larger than 4GB to a PC end up with the phone only actually sending whatever’s over that 4GB point to the computer. So, instead of a 6GB video, you end up with a corrupted, unwatchable 2GB file”, reports PocketNow.

Windows 8 was launched in October end this year and Nokia announced its first phone with the new operating system- the Nokia 920 much before the launch of Windows 8. Many users of Windows 8 operating system also noted spontaneous reboots and email-sync issues with various devices.

[Image: Nokia Lumia 920]

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