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RSS' Mohan Bhagwat miffed with Narendra Modi, wants Sanjay Joshi back

Bhaskar News   |  Jun 15, 2012, 05:43AM IST

Nagpur/Ahmedabad: It seems RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is miffed by Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's behaviour in the Sanjay Joshi issue. Sources say Bhagwat isn't happy by the manner in which Modi arm-twisted BJP top brass into sidelining Joshi.

Under pressure from Modi, BJP first accepted Joshi's resignation from national executive committee and later showed him the door. Despite of all this Joshi hasn't backlashed at BJP.

A senior member with the RSS told that in an editorial in BJP mouthpiece, 'Kamal Sandesh', it was clearly mentioned that there's a need to send out a signal to all BJP workers that no individual is bigger than the party.

Sources say RSS wants BJP to redraft Joshi into the party after the upcoming elections in Gujarat.

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