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Make sex fun-tastic by knowing your condoms!


Condoms are hated and loved simultaneously, loved because they prevent pregnancies and STD’s; hated because they obviously come between your love making!  

Stay safe and feel great with these 5 condoms that not only protect but are capable of arousing you in ways you thought were impossible.


1. Dotted condoms:

It is the most known and used condom. This is the right condom for you if you are looking for some extra pleasure. Textured or studded condoms are increase pleasure for both partners. The USP of these condoms lies in their slight bumps that run through the length of the condom on both the sides.

Extra pleasure achieved!


2. Flavored condoms:

These are best in town for oral sex. Available in coffee, strawberry, chocolate, mint, vanilla, fruit and many more flavors that will leave you both satisfied and begging for more at the same time. Although if you are using it for vaginal or anal sex, make sure they are sugar-free to avoid yeast infection.

The tongue needs satiating too!


3.  Pleasure-shaped condoms:

A condom that is capable of pleasuring both the partners. It has a loose and enlarged tip that will reach places that assure excitement.

Two birds with one stone!


4. Glow in the dark condoms:

These are the condoms to get when you are feeling kinky.  These condoms glow after being exposed to the light for 30 seconds. Made up of three layers, the inner and the outermost layers are made up of latex and the middle one contains a safe pigment that makes it glow. It is non-toxic.  

Walk into the light!


5. Super thin condoms:

Condoms- so conspicuous that you won’t even feel they exist. This type of condom is transparent with a thin layer made of a material that acts like a second skin. It is highly effective against pregnancy and STDs.

Condom- free experience!


Don’t shy away from condoms; instead brace the variety that is available in the market to enhance your sexual life.

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