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Bad finances troubling you? Chant this mantra for wealth, prosperity

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According to scriptures, all the days are not alike. Some may be good and some bad. Hence, a man should always be prepared for the worst.

Problems are a part and parcel of human existence. These problems may be physical, psychological or financial in nature. Every man wishes to stay away from all the problems especially financial ones.

Scriptures state that if a man suffers from financial crisis then chanting the following mantra can help him get rid of all his troubles.

It is believed that chanting this mantra will help you get rid of poverty and lead a prosperous life.

Om namoh vighrarajay sarvsakhayapradayine
Dushtarishtavinashay pray parmatmne
Lambodaran devam vighravyuhavinashanam
Om hram hrim hrim hrom hrah namah harembay namo namah
Sarvasidhdhi pradosi tvam siddhibuddhiprado bhav
Chintitarthapradstavam hi sattam modakpriyah
Sindurarunvastreshyam ya pathed bhaktiman narah
Tasy deham cha geham ch swayam lakshmirn munchti


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