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Fall in love at work place

Take the example of any hard-working youngster and you’ll notice that he spends most of his time in office. These days, our work place has become our second home. You spend a good eight to nine hours in office, so developing hots for someone you’re spending most of your time with is only natural.
Office romance comes with a lot of baggage, and you have to be really smart to deal with all the liabilities that come along. So, in case you’re ready to get into such a relationship, you must know how exactly to make the first move. Below are a few things you could consider in order to initiate it:
Like beginning any other relationship, you need to be sure of whether the other person is also interested. Try to catch subtle hints he’s throwing at you. If he often bumps into you at the cafeteria or asks for your opinion on important projects, it clearly means that he’s trying to tell you that your opinion matters to him.
If you’ve managed to gauge his inclination towards you, it’s time to know him beyond the confines of office. Fix up a meeting with him, outside office of course, and see if you get along equally well in other social setups.
Now that your bond has become stronger with the passage of time, it’s time to explore the intricacies of your relationship. Sharing the workstation and being constantly on the radar of your partner can be suffocating. So, make sure that the both of you give one another the required personal space.
There’s no point blabbering about your casual flings. But, if you think that this relationship has the potential of developing into a serious one, you shouldn’t be hiding it from your team or your boss at least. They getting to know about your status through some other source would be a real point of embarrassment for you.  
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