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What sort of men do women prefer


All this while, all your efforts to woo a woman have been going in vain? And, you have been in a fix as to what makes for a perfect man when comes to a woman thinking of spending her life with him. Then, don’t rack your brains too much. Looks are passé for women and they prefer an average man.
A new study has found that six out of 10 women now prefer an average man who is dark, tall and can cook. The survey commissioned by drinks company Orangina, found that women rated dependability, domesticity, romance, humour and average height when they’re settling for Mr Average.
The participants preferred a man aged 30-45, 5ft 10in tall, dark-haired, a good cook and employed.
According to the Daily Express, “The least popular male would be a red-haired, 6ft tall, 20something banker,” said Orangina.

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