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Words that initiate sex

Charu Thakur  

You might be in love with her for a long time and are looking forward to take the relationship a step ahead. And, the idea of getting too intimate with her might be making you go crazy, but, it’s not always easy to broach the three letter word. So, rather than being straightforward, you can always throw subtle hints. And, sometimes all it takes is a subtle conversation to trigger off a steamy sex session. The way you play with the words will let you play with her. As, most of the times, it’s the physiological trigger which stimulates the sexual pleasure rather than a physical trigger.

So, here are a few conversations that can help trigger sex.

Kinky fantasies:
From an awesome threesome to a seducing pole dance to subtle playing with the earlobes, we all have unique and kinky fetishes and fantasies when it comes to sex. And, the mere discussion about your kinky side can turn on both of you in no time. And, maybe your partner is all game to fulfill any of those fantasies.

Stimulating porn:
Well, the porn angle never fails as it is a sure shot and a commonly known foreplay technique. So, you can turn on your partner by discussing the intimate details of one and this talk might just ignite your passion. But, don’t make the conversation vulgar as it might just work against your whims. Keep the talk candid.

Aphrodisiac action:
I know. It might sound boring to you, but wait until you hear it out. Incase you are out at a bar and nothing on the menu is to her likeness. Then, you can surely take the game in your hand if you are a good cook. And, tell her that you can surely make the same for her and invite her to your place. With some champagne and her favourite food, you might just turn her on. 

Flaunt that passion:
Women find passionate men attractive. So, if you are passionate about your work or any of your hobbies, then here’s your chance to flaunt the same. Though it doesn’t have to be anything sexy, but your mere passion for something would just trigger the woman. Women get inquisitive when they meet an interesting man and you never know where your conversation might lead you.

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