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Bizarre: Man swallows, lives with dentures in throat for 12 hours

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Feb 24, 2013, 12:31PM IST


Mumbai: In a bizarre incident, a hotelier was brought to Seven Hills Hospital, in Andheri, after he swallowed his dentures while drinking water. Surprisingly, his dentures (two teeth) were stuck in his voice box for more than 12 hours.
45-year-old hotelier – Taranath Adppa – was admitted to hospital after he complained of pain in his throat and breathing problem.
According to reports, Dr Ashwini Mehta, ENT consultant at the Seven Hills Hospital said that his family members accompanied him to the hospital, who informed that his dentures were stuck in his throat.
A resident of Palghar, Adpaa was first taken to a local physician, who conducted some tests on him. He then advised his relatives to take him to a multispecialty hospital, because he will need to be operated.
According to his family members, Adpaa swallowed his dentures when he was taking his medicine for diabetes. An X-ray done on him confirmed that the foreign object stuck in his voice box were his dentures.
Reportedly, the doctors were also surprised with the peculiarity of the case and said that in such cases, the patient dies within three hours as there is no space in the voice box to breathe.
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