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ATM robbery case: Bank official faces the heat for ignoring SMS

Bhaskar News   |  May 13, 2011, 04:24AM IST

Indore: A SBI bank employee has come under fire for negligence in the Rs 28 lakh ATM robbery that occurred on Sunday. The police have written a stern letter to the bank, urging action against the official.

According to city SP Pankaj Pandey, as soon as the thief broke into the ATM, a SMS was sent to a bank official named Pukhraj Malu from the serever room. According to protocol, Malu should have raised an alarm immediately. And if cops were called in time, they might have caught the thief red-handed.

But unfortunately, Malu paid no heed to the message and chose to ignore it.

The police are now demanding action against Malu, who on the other hand, has not issued an apology for his alleged irresponsible behaviour.

According to TI (Thana Inspector) DK Jain, who has written the letter, a meeting was called two months back where the police had issued clear instructions to all banks to strengthen their security.

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