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Fake marriage registration: Katrina Kaif weds MLA Mandola; when will Salman marry?

Bhaskar News   |  Feb 05, 2014, 15:48PM IST
Salman Khan|Katrina Kaif

Indore: The question of the marriage of Bollywood star Salman Khan has been asked by many and now a minister Kailash Vijayvargiye talked about it under the Chief Minister Kanyadaan Yojna in the place where the star was born. He also listed the name of MLA Ramesh Mandola who seems to be walking on the path of Salman Khan and didn’t marry so far.


Recently, a case of fake marriage registration of super hot actress Katrina Kaif came in light in the place. The registration included the names of Katrina and MLA Mandola which meant that they both got married to each other. The case was taken up by police for investigation.


The minister said that all the eyes are glued to Salman and Mandola as people all around the nation want to know when they will marry after all and who will be the brides.


Vijayvargiye made these comments in the presence Mandola and the audience witnessed him smiling with shyness. He added that Mandola helps hundreds of people each year in their marriage and that’s why everyone is excited about his marriage as well.

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