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Plans to create APL ration card holders database

Bhaskar News   |  Apr 01, 2011, 04:30AM IST

Raipur: The Department of Food and Public distribution has planned to create a database of all the APL ration card holders.

Now, the allocation of the rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene oil to the APL ration card holders will be done online.

At present, only BPL ration card holders had the facility of online allocation.

Food, civil supplies & consumer protection department has sent the circular to all the district collectors, informing them about the decision.

According to the circular, under the BPL and ‘Mukhyamantri Khadyan Sahayata Yojana’ ration cards will be issued on the basis of web based allocation

This is possible as the department has a database of all the BPL ration card holders.

But, till now the database of APL ration card holders is not available with the department. Hence, online allocation is not possible.

Moreover, there are discrepancies in the total number of APL ration card holders.

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