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Sex racket busted; blue films shot in city hotels

Bhaskar News   |  Jan 26, 2011, 06:34AM IST

Raipur: The city police are on their toes these days because of the reports of blue films being filmed in big hotels across the city.

The cops arrested one woman accused of running a sex racket at Awanti Vihar. A Bengal-based callgirl was also arrested by the police. They recovered two blue film CDs as well.

Police officials suspect that the movies have been shot in city hotels. The police have initiated a probe into the matter.

Few days back, a Mumbai-based callgirl was arrested from Hotel Piccadelhi, and on the same day, two callgirls, who hailed from Kolkata, were held along with a pimp.

According to the police, the woman arrested from Awanti Vihar is the wife of the pimp arrested with the Kolkata callgirls.

It is believed that the lady, Puja, and her husband, Rajendra, filmed while the customers had sex with the callgirls.

The cops are now on a lookout for the people seen in the CDs.

Puja had been missing since the arrest of Rajendra, but the cops got an idea of her involvement in the sex racket on the basis of the papers and documents recovered from his possession. The cops were gathering information about her after Rajendra’s arrest, and later raided her house to arrest her.

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