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Asaram's bizarre formula: Suggests same sex friendship to avoid rape

Bhaskar News   |  Jan 10, 2013, 13:54PM IST

New Delhi:  Asaram Bapu has done it again. Not even a week after his controversial remark on the Delhi gang-rape victim, the self-styled spiritual guru has held friendship between men and women responsible for sexual crimes.

He was addressing his followers in Baramati, Maharashtra. The guru said “   In foreign countries, nearly five lakh young women terminate pregnancy. Don’t let that filth spread in India. Men should befriend men, women should befriend women. Friendship between men and women would bring doom.”

The guru, last week, said that the Delhi gang-rape victim was at fault for her rape. He had said that the young women should not have submitted to rape and that she should have pleaded to culprits for her, calling them brothers. 

An advocate has filed a complaint against Asaram in Mujjafarpur, saying that the guru had outraged the modesty of the women by his words. Court would hear the case on February 2.

Meanwhile, Film director Mahesh Bhatt, who is known for his bold commentary on national issues, said that women are becoming sexually independent. He said having more than one sexual partner is increasing diminishing as a taboo among young women.




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