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Cheers for Obama from his tribal 'kin' in Karnataka

DNA   |  Nov 08, 2012, 06:00AM IST
Haliyal (Karnataka): Siddis are preparing for a big bash to celebrate Obama’s re-election
Siddis living in Uttara Kannada have their ancestral roots in East Africa; they believe Obama shares their genetic roots
The Siddi tribe living in the hilly district of Uttara Kannada in Karnataka are gearing up for another round of celebrations. These descendants of people brought from East Africa as labourers, who believe that US president Barack Obama shares their genetic roots, are planning a gala celebration to mark Obama’s return as the US president for a second term.
When Obama was first elected President in 2008, the Siddis had approached the external affairs ministry to give them permission to send a cask of honey drawn from the forests of Uttara Kannada district to Obama. 
“We had even handcrafted a cask out of rose wood, but the official procedures were too complicated for us to follow-up. We finally decided to hold a sports meet to rejoice in the election of Barack Obama,” said Siddi leader Diyog Bastiyon, who received the Valmiki award for 2012 instituted by the state government. 
The community leaders are planning another bash this time as well. “There will be sports, music, dancing, food and cultural activities,” Bastiyon said. 
“We were brought to India by merchants from East Africa to work as labourers, but being physically strong we were also trained as soldiers by various rulers of the west coast and the interior Karnataka region,” said Mohan Siddi, one of the post-graduates from the tribe. 
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