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Gujarat Polls: Watch Modi's kabaddi ad taking on Cong with a tinge of humour

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Nov 15, 2012, 19:06PM IST
Ahmedabad: With election fever gripping Gujarat, Narendra Modi-led government’s ad “Ekmat Gujarat, Bane BhaJap Sarkar” (Gujarat is unanimous, let there be a BJP regime) has taken TV and social media by storm.
The video showcases leadership and visionary vacuum among the Gujarat Congress.
“Ekmat Gujarat, Bane BhaJap Sarkar” (Gujarat is unanimous, let there be a BJP government) – this new advertisement by the Gujarat BJP that wonderfully showcases the leadership and visionary vacuum in the Gujarat Congress has taken the Internet and TV channels by storm. 
The advertisement is set in the context of a kabaddi game in which 2 teams, one adorning saffron attire and the other in blue have lined up. While the team in saffron is vibrant and confident, the other team is quarrelling over taking the team attire.
When the referee blows the whistle calling the captains of the teams to come for the toss, the captain of the team in saffron steps out confidently with his team looking at him in support, while in the blue corner the players look confused and no one steps forward.

Then, when the referee calls the vice-captain to come forward as an option the members of the team in blue once again look confused and all of them move forward which leads to a full-scale scuffle between the team with each member preventing the other from moving ahead. And away from the jostling over vice captaincy, the captain of the team in saffron jerseys is already at the toss, waiting for the game to begin. 
This is when we can see the BJP’s symbol with the punch line “Ekmat Gujarat, Bane BJP Sarkar” (Gujarat is unanimous, let there be a BJP Government).As the ad depicts, from taking the uniforms till quarrelling for the vice captaincy, the team in blue attire one grand divided house. At the same time, so low is that team’s confidence that they stopped talking about the captaincy- the race was for a consolation prize vice captaincy instead!
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