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Nirmal Baba's disciple registered complaint in court; Hearing on 1st May

Bhaskar News   |  Apr 17, 2012, 01:41AM IST

New Delhi: With each passing day, Nirmal Baba is finding himself surrounded with fresh controversies and problems as another complained has been filed in a court in Meerut where Baba's disciple, Hareesh Veer Singh, said he paid Rs 11,000 for a meeting with self-proclaimed Godman where he was advised by Baba to eat a sweet desert made by milk and rice in order to come out of his problems, but his health deteriorated after eating the recommended sweet desert. He further consulted doctor who told he was suffering from diabetes.

Hareesh further says when he was recovering from diabetes, he received calls from Nirmal Darbar to come in 'Samagam' and say his story of speedy recovery from Baba’s recommendations.

A lecturer by profession, Hareesh has registered a complaint in a court in Meerut. The court has set the next date of hearing on 1st May.

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